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Unleash your inner “Practical”

Maybe you have a burning desire to bend pipes, or bash holes in walls, or just get very excited when lights turn on. Perhaps you have a secret desire to work in the one of the Trades, but hadn’t seen any other women out there, and thought that there wouldn’t be an opportunity for the likes of us?

Maybe you’re looking for a career-change, or are returning to work after starting a family.

Maybe you’re leaving school and are not sure what you would like to do next.

Perhaps you’re just a little bit like us…

We are very happy to hear from people who  are thinking about unleashing their inner “Practical’. We have had a high number of enquiries from women thinking of doing just that over the past few weeks. This is very exciting for us, but unfortunately we are struggling to find time to accommodate everybody with Experience Days.

However, please don’t despair. We have some exciting plans fr the next few months, which will make this much easier for us to do. In the meantime we would still like to hear from you, so that we can organise some networking evenings. So please keep contacting us

Have you taken a look at Bristol Women in Trades on Facebook? This is a local Page and Group for any women currently working in the Trades, or  thinking about learning a Trade.