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Our Services

Our Services


Home Improvement Projects

If you are looking to change some aspect of your house, perhaps a new Kitchen or Bathroom, or maybe a re-decorating project, or some decking in your garden, we are very happy to project-manage the whole process for you. We will see the project through, from your original ideas, through to their realisation. We can recommend and manage other trades and suppliers, allowing you to be involved in the project as much or as little as you like.

Home Maintenance

We can also carry out smaller tasks in your home. Customers often approach us with a list of jobs which have been bugging them for months. We will work through these, and all the additional ones that are gradually added through the day.

We cover most things from repairing leaking taps, leaking pipes, moving radiators,  through to Consumer Unit Upgrades, replacing or moving sockets, adding new lights, putting up shelves, curtains, cupboards. If we can’t do it ourselves, we can recommend someone we trust to do it for you.

Home Assistance

For Practical Women, this is a very important part of what we do. We feel that it is very important that you feel confident in your home and are able to deal with an emergency if it happens. It is not unusual for a householder not to know how to turn the water supply off if there is a leak, or what to do if a fuse keeps tripping. We will be able to show you where the important things are in you house, how they work and what to do it something goes wrong.

It may be that you want to carry out a project yourself, but feel that you lack the confidence to see it through entirely on your own. We are happy to be involved alongside you, help you with the planning, the buying of materials and assist you as the project takes shape. We have a variety of tools and expertise which can help you with this process.

So, if you have always wanted to put up some shelves in your house, or maybe repair a leaking tap, or perhaps put together some flat-packed furniture, we are happy to help.

Return to Work

Our Working Practices for returning to work post-Lockdown

DIY Support

If you feel you need some support with a DIY project, perhaps to finish it off, or put right something that didn’t quite go to plan, please feel free to contact us & we will help you out.